LoseThe Butt!

Without Going Nuts!


In this book, the smell of cigarettes has Chickypooh gasping for air. She teaches the consequences of this life threatening habit to beware. Then she provides you with easy steps to lose the butt without going nuts.




Here we go again, thought Chickypooh, as she walked out her front door. The stench is so strong it makes her gasp tyring to head toward the store. Whoever you are with the awful smell, please get out of my way. I hope you know that smoking can prevent you from living another day. Chickypooh heard a chuckle then two coughs coming from a cloud of smoke. Believe you me, she said, it's a warning sign for your health when you choke. Warning of what, asked Big C, with his deep raspy voice. I know the law and I know that smoking is my choice. Don't point your finger, he said, as though you have only been nice. When you were younger, you probably got caught smoking at least once or twice.

Only $9.95

The book is packed with wonderful copyright protected illustrations such as these!

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