The Bully Who Sleeps With My Mommy!

What Should We Do?


       In this book, Chickypooh provides insight into domestic violence in the form of a realistic fiction anecdote. It has all kinds of twists and turns to capture events that are serious and worth taking note.

   She is an advocate for people who have challenges in life. Know that you are not alone in your effort to overcome strife. There are organizations that will help remove you from an unhealthy condition. For many years, they have made helping people their mission. Your main goal should be for you and your children to stay safe from harm. If you’re experience danger, do not hesitate to sound an alarm. If you do not realize the danger signs to look for, do not fret. Chickypooh lists many of them in this book, especially those that are a concealed threat.

Only $16.95 

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