Don't Blame It On "The Kitty"!

Keep Your Kitty On A Leash!


In this book, it’s no wonder, as the impostor calls, “Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty,” why Chickypooh knows how to prevent others from taking her kitty to bed. She is determined not to let her kitty be touched until she wed.



Before you tell your story, let me confess about my wounded kitty. I should've taken heed of the wisdom from a woman named Old Bitty. Old Bitty tried to tell me and show me the signs. But I wouldn't listen or pay her any mind. I thought to myself, she's just Old Bitty. What can she tell me about taking care of my kitty? She surely can't have one that looks as nice as mine. Her kitty has to be as old as Father Time. She can't have a kitty that purrs so pleasant and sweet. I bet her kitty's fur isn't at all clean or neat. My kitty smells like roses in a springtime field. Her kitty has to look like it's missed a few meals. Wrinkled and dried up, too old to be had. Thinking she can help me is pretty sad. I told her that she can't teach me what I already understand. Talking to me about my kitty is like talking to the hand. 

Only $9.95 

The book is packed with wonderful copyright protected illustrations such as these!

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