PU! What's That Smell?


In this book, Chickypooh teaches feminine hygiene. If you notice a scent from below, those around you may be aware of it too. Follow Chickypooh’s advice on keeping your kitty clean and smelling fresh as new.



Samone and her mom went shopping at the store in the middle of town. Being prepared by getting what she needed really help Samone to calm down. By the time they got home she had forgotten about her trouble. But as they walked into her room, a strange odor busted her bubble. PU! What's that smell? Samone said pluggling her nose. It smells like the church's annual fish fry. Then she sniffed at her clothes. She lifted all the windows and sprayed disinfectant from wall to wall. She even took the can of spray and fumigated the hall.

Only $9.95 

The book is packed with wonderful copyright protected illustrations such as these!

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