The Bullies In The Church


   Tares today are known as Church Bullies, who use intimidation to get what they want. They prey on the Wheat, who are timid and weak, looking for any unsatisfied members as they haunt.

   In The Bullies In The Church, Pastor Blue fights those evil  bulling spirits with the Word. Both Nutty and Buddy gave their lives to Christ; that’s the last and final gossip I heard.


“Your evil ways can’t stand in the way of First Church being blessed. As you do your evil deeds, our prayer warriors continued to stay in the press.”
   “The new addition is just the beginning of what God is about to do. The grand opening is tomorrow, however, from the streets may be your only view.”
   “We built a gymnasium, classrooms and a much bigger parking lot. We also have a new furnace and an air conditioner, for when it gets hot.”
   “I guess you hadn’t noticed the new addition is named after me. Plus, there won’t be a charge to enter because all activities are free.”
   Nutty’s and Buddy’s attitudes were furiously steaming as Pastor Blue spoke. From their nostrils you could feel the hot air and see the smoke.
   That didn’t stop Pastor Blue from chastening them with the Word. She made sure they understood everything and, as she continued, she ensured that her speech wasn’t slurred.

Only $12.95 

FORWARD BY:  Reverend Dr. Albert Morgan

Union Baptist Temple, Pastor

 New England Missionary Baptist Convention, President

God's Mailman

The book is packed with wonderful copyright protected illustrations such as these!

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