The Bully In The

White House


In this Realistic Fiction, Chickypooh visits The White House, in hopes she can get an answer to the Nation’s question, “Why?” First, she must see how she can get into The White House as a clever spy. So, she disguises herself as The White House Shrink. What she discovers you won’t believe-it’s worse than you think. The hatred, bitterness, anger, and deceit that’s in one man’s heart. It’s like ten trillion sharp, poisonous out-of-control darts. There’s got to be a love potion that can transform the bully into a lamb. Or, should the bully be impeached out of the White House, and told, “Get your hat and coat and scram!”

   Chickypooh began by asking the Baker “What do you do in the white house?” He responded, “I cook the wonderful baked goods, along with my spouse.”

   “Tell me what you hear, coming from the Oval Room. Any heated conversations or objects were thrown as personalities fume?”

   “One day I said, ‘Excuse me, Sir, could I speak with you about an urgent matter?’ He screamed at me ‘Go away you’re a hired hand!’ Then a glass he shattered.”

   “I only wanted to tell him that he had a big white piece of lent in the crouch of his pant. No one else dared to tell him because of their fear he would rant.”

   “Sure enough, they were right about his predicted animal-like behavior. They looked at me and said ‘You better pray and call on your Savior.’”

   “I hurried to exit his presence to retreat to the room I consider my haven.  The way he stumped as he screamed, I thought the floor was about to cave in.”  

   “From that day forward, it didn’t matter what I saw on him that was out of place. It could’ve been dirty t-paper hanging from his waist, or rotten egg on his face.”

   “I just bow and nod with a grin that reflects what I see. All the staff laughs in hopes it stays in plain sight until he gets on TV.”

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