The Bully On The Bus


In this book, Chickypooh teaches the students ways to defuse bullying; in turn, win over the Bully on the bus. Each student comes to understand how important it is set moral standards that you never drop. These and strong attributes will help you to reach the top.



My name is Cindy while on the bus Jane told me to get out of her seat and to give her my lunch. I felt ashamed, most of all defenseless and afraid I was going to get punched. So, I regretfully did what she said holding back tears from running down my face. I wanted to become invisible or hide in a really faraway dark place. I was there said a student, then said another, me too! We didn’t know what to say, and especially what to do. So, we sat in the back of the bus in silence with our heads hanging down. None of us said anything or dared to look around. First of all, Cindy, replied Chickypooh, you’re to be commended for being willing to share. And, to you two that spoke up to say that you were there, it’s nice to know you care. Caring is very important part of bringing about a positive change that will last. In a world where people say, “they saw nothing” caring is almost a thing of the past.

What you should keep in mind is there’s strength in numbers that could sway the bully to stop. It’s easy to turn a negative into a positive by going “over the top”. Over the top means to an excessive, exaggerated degree or to the extreme. By doing so, it changes and controls the atmosphere to whatever you deem.

Only $9.95 

The book is packed with wonderful copyright protected illustrations such as these!

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